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July 2021

Road to Nowhere
Now Here

The insurance industry, like all others, is hungry for exceptional talent as it faces sustained growth and innovation in this Covid era.  Stiff competition and evolving needs continue to keep the stakes high, and how companies show up will be the primary determinant of success.  More than a year after George Floyd’s murder, this is also a unique talent cycle as candidates hold companies accountable on promises to diversify their ranks, talent pipelines, and hiring practices.  With the recruiting season soon to kick off, now is the time to fine-tune your plan for how you will achieve your ideal 2021-22 talent outcomes and how you can ensure equity throughout the process.


Where do you want to go, and have you developed a talent roadmap that takes you there?  Have you charted an organizational DEI journey?  Do they align?  A strategically sequenced timeline will drive cohesion in your recruiting approach and talent sourcing and provides multiple junctures to ensure DEI is threaded throughout the process.


What You Should Be Doing Now

Needs Assessment & Sourcing:

  • Evaluate recruiting process and timeline to determine hiring needs

  • Evaluate current talent sources, previous ROI, and gaps

  • Decide on Fall 2021 presence and events

  • Map to and develop relationships with new sources


Keep It Authentic:

  • Prep the recruiting team, hiring managers, and all others involved in process

  • Think about representatives and materials that will be the face of your organization

  • Develop an interviewer guide and training on authentic engagement and inclusive recruiting

  • Finesse candidate tracking systems


Companies that hosted interns should also be in the process of extending offers.


Aligned recruiting and DEI strategies, when well-thought-out and authentic, not only drive talent wins at all levels but contribute to employee retention and productivity.  Verto experts can guide you on each step of this journey to produce tangible results.  In addition, we can supplement talent and DEI roadmaps with customized equity audits, curated employee engagement, aligned philanthropic efforts, and much more to elevate your company’s profile both for incoming talent and within the industry ecosystem at large.

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