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Differentiation and authenticity will win the day in this candidate market. Stakes were high last year, and they are higher now. What can you be doing now and year-round to get your game face on and achieve desired outcomes?


The Authenticity Dividend

Stock alert: authenticity pays GREAT dividends. The industry's growth and innovation hinge on top talent, but are we doing ourselves a disservice through our efforts to attract and retain that talent by not investing enough in authenticity?

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Road to
Now Here

Stiff competition continues to keep talent stakes high, and how companies show up will be the primary determinant of success. Where do you want to go, and have you developed a roadmap that takes you there?


The Opportunity Cost of Ineffective Recruiting

How would those you engaged with rate their experience with you? It's that experience that will ultimately dictate your outcome. It’s also that experience that we have the benefit of reevaluating and working to improve.


Predictive Recruiting: It's Called a Cycle

for a Reason

Were your talent results what you hoped they would be? Much of the success of an upcoming recruiting cycle can be determined now. Why evaluating 2021 results and conducting equity audits and recruiter training are so critical.

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