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March 2021

Predictive Recruiting

It's Called a Cycle for a Reason

Much of the success of an upcoming recruiting cycle can be determined – and actively planned for – well, now.  The  intervening months between the recruiting season’s anchor events (career fairs, interviews, offers, internships, full-time offers) provide invaluable opportunities for evaluation and retooling. Sounds like a no-brainer, but these simple steps will save you time AND directly shape the next cycle’s outcomes.  


March – on the heels of February’s Insurance Careers Month momentum, visibility, and hype of all things insurance industry-related – is a time when 2021 hiring has wrapped and University Relations and Recruiting teams should be reevaluating what their hiring strategy was and planning for repeat or greater success ahead. 


What to do right now? 


Evaluate 2021 results: 

  • How was your candidate reach? Engagement? Ease of hiring? 

  • What were your candidate numbers? 

  • How was your candidate representation? 

  • What was your overall cost? 

  • How was your engagement with Hiring Managers? 

  • What if any candidate feedback did you receive? 


Now would also be the time to do an Equity Audit of the process, ensuring that each step allowed for authentic representation, effective engagement, and clear expectations. What did your process look and feel like and what would you change? Recruiter training, too, provides vital empowerment and clarity for the steps ahead. 


Here’s Looking at You, 2022

By end of May into early June of this year, Summer  2022 hiring needs will need to be determined and corresponding job descriptions developed. These are critical building blocks to shape not only how you show up to campus and virtual fairs for Fall 2021 but your speaking engagements and employer showcases, which should all be finalized by mid-summer. Laying the groundwork through thoughtful planning now is essential. 


This same juncture in the hiring process was especially difficult last year given the onset of Covid, but we can use some silver linings to our advantage. March and April 2020 were effectively lost months for campus engagement to plant the seeds of the upcoming recruiting cycle, not to mention we have a better sense now of how to use zoom and engage virtually. That gives us a month and a half of being able to start the process over, both internally within the company and externally with schools. 


We posed a temperature check and planning tips back in November as career fair season wrapped up, and we face those questions again now. In short, were your results what you hoped they would be? What would you change? Now get to work changing it!


Whatever success looks like to your organization, you are planning for it now. Coupled with guidance and stand-out ideas on how to show up authentically to attract your ideal candidates, the Verto team can facilitate Equity Audits, recruiter training, and help you chart the most effective journey to navigate to that success.


The industry’s future is in your hands!

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